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Friday, 31 January 2014

Stylish Sonam Kapoor At Dior Exhibition

Sonam Kapoor looked breathtaking as she attended the Lady Dior Bag Exhibition in Hong Kong. As expected, the fashionista of Bollywood wore Dior at the event. Sonam Kapoor looked hot and stylish in a Dior Fall RTW'13 charcoal grey suit at the bag exhibition. Sonam Kapoor wore this charcoal grey suit jacket without an inner. This gave a glimpse of the cleavage and added to the appeal. The loose trousers were just perfect with the fitted suit jacket. What was different in this suite route were the earrings. Sonam Kapoor wore round huge chakra shaped gold earrings which unexpectedly looked elegant with the Dior charcoal grey suit. Usually, you accessorise a suit with stud diamond earrings or leave it bare. However, Sonam Kapoor tried something unique which looked traditionally sexy!

Stylish Sonam Kapoor At Dior Exhibition 
Sonam Kapoor accessorised this Dior Fall RTW'13 charcoal grey suit with a white clutch and red tip toe pumps which were of course from Dior. The charcoal grey suit, golden earrings, bright red heels and white clutch, all contrasting colours looked perfect on the style icon! It was a combination that only a fashionista like Sonam Kapoor can carry with elegance. Sonam Kapoor completed the look with smokey eye makeup and centre-parted low braided hair bun. The sides of the hair were rolled and pinned on the back which gave a dramatic look to the appearance. Matte brick red lips looked gorgeous on the fashionista. For the finishing touch, Sonam Kapoor opted for fresh manicured nails at the Lady Dior Bag Exhibition at Hong Kong. Even women can look stylish and sober in suits. Sonam Kapoor has proved that wearing suit is not a tricky thing. I am sure, after seeing Sonam Kapoor in a formal charcoal grey Dior suit, many women are inspired to try this trend.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Colour Block Sarees For Stylish Women.........

Here are some suggestions for your good saree selections as per celebs choice as well latest trends of 2014................................


 This is one of the stylish colour blocked saree which has a blend of different colours like black, yellow, pink and golden. The borders of the saree look stylish.

Orange And Yellow  

These are two vivid colours which can go perfectly with each other. Manish Malhotra used the two bright colours to create a gorgeous colour block saree.


Pink And Black 

 It is one of the trending colour blocking that is seen in western wear as well. Feminine bubblegum pink and black crepe saree can fit your figure like second skin.


Orange, Pink And Grey 

 It is a classy colour block saree for stylish women. The saree has orange, baby pink and grey which looks elegant. The golden borders added more style to this Indian saree.


Bold Colour Block 

 This is a bright and strong colour block saree. The bold leopard print blouse on this black, mustard yellow and purple saree looks chic.



Desi Style 

A brocade blouse like this can make a simple colour block saree look all the more ethnic and stylish. The green and orange coloured net saree has a pink pallu.


Checkered pattern 

Checkered pattern is trending. Use it to create a beautiful colour block saree. Use a plain colour like pink or white to get the perfect look.

Printed Saree 

This colour block saree has colourful vivid prints on the white surface. The neon prints and yellow printed borders look stylish.

Glittering Mirrors 

Apart from mixing with a print, you can also try some sequin mirror work. The neon orange and grey coloured saree has heart-shaped mirror work. The neon green blouse looks perfect.


Our Last & Best tip : Neons 

This is a chic pink and orange coloured saree which looks casual yet stylish.
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Nach Baliye 6: Shilpa Shetty In Black

The sets of Nach Baliye season 6 seems to be on fire and the only reason is the sizzling actress, Shilpa Shetty. When Bollywood actress Shilpa appeared on the sets of the recent telecast of Nach Baliye season 6, she sure upped the glamour quotient for Indian television. The sassy actress dressed in a black Sonakshi Raj saree looked just about amazing. The bold coloured saree went well with her skin tone making her the star of the night. What we loved the most is the blouse that she wore with the black Sonakshi Raj saree. When compared to all her sarees on the sets of Nach Baliye season 6, this seems to be truly the best. Do you know why? We will tell you! The blouse of the Sonakshi Raj saree that Shilpa Shetty wore was daring enough to make anyone go weak in the knees. The sheer blouse of the saree revealed her flawless and toned back.
Nach Baliye 6: Shilpa Shetty In Black

 Nach Baliye 6: Shilpa Shetty In Black The front part of the sheer saree blouse Shilpa wore had golden embellishments at the bosom which ran all the way down till the tummy. This daring saree that the beauty queen wore set a lot of eyes on her right through the evening. Apart from the saree, we also loved the makeup Shilpa wore with this look. Her cheeks were blushing with pink rouge and her kohl rimmed eyes set sparks flying right across the stage on the sets of Nach Baliye season 6. Not to forget, her crimson matte lipstick brought out her starry smile that made the audience go gaga. To complete this look, the sassy Shilpa went in for a sleek hairstyle that went well with her chandelier diamond Isharya earrings. All in all, Shilpa Shetty was the queen of the night and we at Boldsky loves what she is wearing, do you?

Beautiful Dresses by our super celebs...........

Red Lehanga :


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Beautiful Anarkalis :

Filmfare Awards 2014__ some beautiful dresses by celebs....

THE Filmfare Awards 2014 red carpet witnessed one of the most daring dresses of all time. The actress which carried off this daring dress is none other than Deepika Padukone! Dressed in a Gaurav Gupta collection, we were struck by lighting when we saw the beautiful Deepika Padukone at the Filmfare Awards 2014 red carpet. As soon as the Bollywood beauty stepped into the limelight, there were thrills in the air and the excitement of the audience was over the limit. With the reaction of the crowd going gaga over Deepika Padukone, we wondered why this sudden outburst!

Taking a closer look at what the sizzling actress wore to the Filmfare Awards 2014, we were in deep shock. The dress by designer Gaurav Gupta was so revealing that it made our eyes blink more than a hundred times! The colour of the dress was bold and glittering which was no doubt pleasant, but the texture of the material was something we didn't quite expect!
Filmfare 2014: Deepika's Revealing Dress

Filmfare 2014: Deepika's Revealing Dress The Filmfare Awards 2014 red carpet witnessed the sensational Deepika Padukone wearing a see through golden long dress by designer Gaurav Gupta. Remembering the Golden Globes 2014, we saw the very same dress on Lady Victoria Harvey. However, the difference in the Gaurav Gupta dress which Lady Victoria wore was black and Deepika's was a glittering golden. The ditto dress both the ladies wore on the red carpet brought us to thinking as to who wore it the best. All in all we did expect to see some skin show at the Filmfare Awards 2014 red carpet, but least expected it to be from the Bollywood queen, Deepika Padukone!

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

10 ways to drape a Saree – Saree trends 2014

A saree makes every woman look beautiful and elegant. But it is very important to drape the saree in a way that it brings out the best in you. A saree is more than just a rectangular piece of cloth – it comes in different densities of fabric and the body of the saree is often lighter than the pallu so as to let it wrap around the body easily. Its versatility and uniqueness allow for adjustments at all times and it can transform itself according to the need and function of the moment. This post is about 10 Ways to Drape a Saree – Saree Trends 2013.

Women who have great bodies – flat stomachs, slim waists and curves in all the right places – look sensational in well draped saris.

Gujarati way of draping saree:This version of draping commonly known as the seedha pallu way,is also founds in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar. Instead of opening to the left, the pleats are tucked so that they open to the right. Then, the pallu is taken to the back and brought over the right shoulder. It is then spread across the chest, and the left edge is tucked in the petticoat at the back. Pear-shaped women with big hips and stomachs should try and opt for a Gujarati-style seedha pallu with minimum pleats on the stomach. Tighten the sari well so it skims your body, instead of making it look heavier.

saree trends 2013

Maharashtra method of Saree Draping Styles: Instead of the usual five-and-a-half meters, the sari in this version measures eight meters. The saree apes a dhoti style somewhat, with some of the fabric tucked between the legs to divide them. Worn without a petticoat underneath, this saree is rarely seen nowadays except on festive occasions. Thus it forms a kind of divided sari, allowing greater freedom of movement. In this version of the saree the pallu drapes the shoulder or is used to cover the head.

saree trends 2013

Tamilian version: Like the Maharashtra version, the saree in this version, too, measures eight meters. After wrapping around the waist, the pleats are positioned along the left leg. The rest of the sari is taken over the left shoulder, wrapped once again round the waist and tucked on the left side. This saree uses multiple tuck and complicated pleats to form a saree that can be as comfortable as a pair of jeans if draped right. The pallu is folded in half and tucked into the waist allowing the lady to go about her chores.

saree trends 2013

Bengali style: The saree is worn pleatless; it is wrapped around the waist, brought back to the right side and the pallu is thrown over the left shoulder. The pallu is then brought up under the right arm and once again cast over the left shoulder. Often an ornate key bunch is added to the edge to complete this very feminine and elegant drape.


Kodagu style: Worn mainly by women from Kodagu district of Karnataka, this style is distinguished by the pleats being in the back. The pallu is flung on to the right shoulder and held in place by a pin.

saree trends 2013

Nivi Style (Andhra style):Nivi Style originally worn in Andhra Pradesh; besides the modern nivi, there is also the kaccha nivi, where the pleats are passed through the legs and tucked into the waist at the back. This allows free movement while covering the legs.

saree trends 2013

Northern drape: In the north of India, the saree is worn the traditional way, with the end of the pallu covering the bosom. In the front, they have skirt pleats and the pallu is draped around the shoulders and over the chest, to demurely cover the bust. It’s a good drape to wear when you want to look more demure, perhaps in front of elders.
Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.53.05 PM

Double drape : If you love the Mumtaj Saree drape but scared of walking in that, then try this double drape look. Again the bottom part remains same leaving longer material for pallu. Now fold ¾ of the pallu lengthwise and drape it around your waist then go for the second rap this time under right hand and on left shoulder as you do for ulta pallu. This draping makes you look slim, and looks especially nice for saree with wide border. This way you can achieve the famous mumtaj saree look and still can walk freely.

The Mumtaz style: Popularized by the lovely film star Mumtaz, this way of wearing your saree involves draping it tightly around your lower body several times, to give it a narrow look and dramatically fling the remaining fabric over your shoulder. This style bares your midriff and makes for a very slow walk.

The Bollywood style: As usual Bollywood has great influence on saree draping as well.This style is well suited for those extra oomph.The sari has very tiny pleats and the border shows clearly as it drapes around the waist. The pallu is very narrow and covers only a part of the torso, going between the breasts and leaving most of the midriff exposed. It works best if one has a toned, hourglass body.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Latest Bridal Wedding Wear !! Bridal evening wear Dresses 2013-14 !! by zahra ahmad.

In this Bridal wedding dresses we have picked the wide range of embroidered outfits from the stock of Zahra Ahmad. These Dresses are categorized as fancy and formal dresses. Zahra Ahmed has given essence of new style, luxury touch and designs to these Wedding Wear. So let's first discover the glory of this Bridal Evening Wear Collection 2013-2014

Zahra Ahmad Bridal Collection 2013-2014

Bridal Party Dresses

Zahra Ahmd Evening Parties Dress

Bridal Party Dresses
Embroidered Dresses for Brides
Bridal Party DressesBridal Party Dresses

Long Embroidered Gown for Brides

Bridal Party Dresses

Bridal Party Wear 2014

Bridal Party DressesBridal Party Dresses

Bridal Evening Wear Dress

Bridal Party Dresses

Formal Bridal Dresses

Bridal Party DressesBridal Party Dresses

Bridal Evening Party Dress

Bridal Party Dresses

Bridal Angrakha Shirt and Coat Shirt

Bridal Party DressesBridal Party Dresses

Bridal Dress for Wedding Party

Bridal Party Dresses